Sailing encompasses everything you could want for a fun-filled vacation getaway with a touch of relaxation and connection to nature. There’s so much you can see and do, and every sailing vacation is different. Explore an island, sail a yacht, relax on the beach, do what you want for this holiday. Whether you’re sailing competitively or for leisure, there’s very little that can beat the feeling of being out on the water, wind filling the sails, harnessing the power of nature and relying on your skills and expertise to navigate and survive. Here are eight explanations why seamen find the art and science of sailing to be among the most fulfilling and relaxing activities to spend your time doing.

  • Solitude and inner peace

Sailing is a great way to bring peace and quiet to our busy, bustling lives; the simple sounds of the wind as it fills the sails or the water as it flows past the boat can be very relaxing and focused- a perfect antidote to the stress of the modern world, strongly contrasting the bustling stress and pressure in corporate environments. Sailing is also great opportunity to spend some time alone. Leave the noise, confusion, and stress of the world behind for few days, or few weeks, and experience the freedom of solitude. His offers distracted people the feeling that they can rest while at the same time focusing on sailing. As much as sailors are good company, sailing itself can be very calm and seen as a time off, and undoubtedly serves to calm one’s nerves and instill relaxation. When we are on the water, there is no stress and problems of the world around. These moments of pure solitude is what makes us love sailing.

  • Increased technical skills and expertise

Much of sailing is about practice, self-confidence, and mastering the appropriate skills. Moment by moment, we begin to slowly develop an understanding of what needs to happen in order to keep ourselves, the team and the vessel secure and get to where we need to go. Every moment on the water is different, and being able to react and deal with any situation that arises is a challenge that many sailors enjoy. The sense of pride and achievement that comes with learning to sail is invaluable. There’s really nothing like the feeling of becoming the master of your own boat. Whether it’s a 22-foot sailing boat or a motorboat on a local lake, or a massive ocean cruiser, skippering a boat is a great achievement. Anyone, from primary schoolchildren to grandparents and even great-grandparents, should aspire to do so.

  • Self-reflection and recollection

Many sailors have a deep sense of unity with their ships, the sea and the water. The ship becomes a self-contained universe; the process of sailing becomes all consuming. Every perception of time changes and spreads, small moments become more significant. Sailing could be a meditative, insightful and engrossing practice. As you step onto the boat, the busy world that you’re so used to begins to fade away. As you sail away from the shore, the things that happen on the ground become small, the background concerns. The boat is the center of the world, and everything that matters is right there, in or around the boat. It’s not so much about where you’re going, but the fun and excitement of the trip.

  • Visit many new places in a short span of time

One interesting thing about sailing is that it’s never dull or the same stuff. On the opposite, in the evening you would actually go to bed knowing that tomorrow you will be moving to a completely new location, which will be your residence only for the following night, because the exploration ritual begins every single day. Unlike typical holidays, you’re going to discover so many new and different ports, each one of them.

There’s a great freedom in sailing- that of gliding effortlessly across the water, the boat slicing through the waves as the wind fills the sails. If you’re in a race, the perfect breeze with the right boat, trim and technique means that you can speed along and get a real appreciation of space, time, excitement and life.

  • Connectedness to nature

 Sailing is a pure form of being with nature. Whether you’re capturing the wind in the sails to propel you along, feeling the currents in the river or the sea, or understanding how the weather is going to affect the boat, you’re learning a great deal of respect for the natural world. Sailing is also very environmentally friendly; you do not pollute the sky or the ocean with fossil fuels, but travelling the same way that mankind has done for thousands of years.

  • Meet amazing new people throughout your journey

When you want to embark on a sailing boat by yourself, don’t be afraid, because we can guarantee you that you will make more new friends than anticipated by the time your sailing adventure finishes. And, what’s more, they’ve probably come to this adventure with the same goal as you, to have a wonderful time, to experience something new and to meet new, equally curious people. Meeting new people isn’t going to stop once you’re in.

  • Behold breathtaking morning and evening views

Imagine calmly waking up every morning to the beautiful scenery of the sea and the numerous islands in front of you while the wind blows your hair in the most liberating way and the secluded bays tempt you to stop for a refreshing swim stop? Want to see the sunsets in your side over the sea with your favorite drink? These are certainly one of the best things that can be offered by sailing as a type of vacation.

  • Make good, long-term memories

Finally, if all of the above reasons are not good enough or convincing enough for you to start sailing, then the latter will definitely convince you. Sailing is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Trust us, you can never go back when you start sailing. Not only do you get to know yourself better during this time, but you’re learning new skills and meeting so many different people.

Without a doubt, sailing could prove to be the most fulfilling and leisurely hobby to do on your vacation- don’t pass up an opportunity to experience the serenity and calmness of this amazing past-time.

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

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